About Berrinba


Coming from the Aboriginal word meaning “toward the South” Berrinba was finally incorporated into Logan in 1997. Originally the land was used for grazing, kennels, truck depots and quarrying and an area of Scrubby Creek was also sand mined, and this area is still identified as having high environmental and recreation values.
In 2011 Berrinba had a population of 1,382 with a median age of slightly lower at 30 years. There has since been considerable development and expansion within the suburb. It has a younger demographic with parks and gardens and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. With large Commercial Development occurring within the area we should see Berrinba continue to flourish.
In 2006 Logan Council launched a major entrepreneurial project combining the protection and rehabilitation of the significant wetlands and this has resulted in the development of recreational boardwalks, walking trails, canoe trails along with flora and fauna corridors. This area covers 120 ha and has 8.5 kms of walkways.
Berrinba is ideally located to the Logan Motorway and Gateway extension that is being currently extensively upgraded. There are also several residential developments along with the Commercial development in the Southwest Enterprise Park.